ASDFGHJKL. I just had my karate kyu promotional exams earlier. And I have never felt so pressured like before. Until now, there are still butterflies fluttering inside my stomach even though a senpai of mine already told me that I passed.

It was grueling and very intimidating since my sensei told me that the ones who will judge my exam would have higher standards for me, considering I was already 15. T^T NOOOO~.

So, for the whole week last week, I had non-stop practice on Karate so that I could train up these muscles (and work out my ABB a.k.a. A BIG BELLY) for the examinations that happened earlier today.

Imagine, I was already sweating very much and exhausted even though I just had to perform the basics. And no, I didn’t perform kata and kumite yet! It was just the basics! Well, that was a good sign, since shihan Abao told us that we had to sweat even if it was still the basics pa.

So, afterwards, we had kata, which was quite simple since it was just Heian Shodan. And then, for kumite, it was still one-step sparring and not yet the freestyle sparring pa! :DDDD

But the only thing that dismayed me a lot during the examinations was that hindi pa dumadating yung mga crushes ko when I was taking the exam. One of them only appeared after 15 minutes ng pag.take ko. >_<


Pero at least, he texted me when he said na malalate daw siya. KYAAA~ <3

HAHAY. Oh well. Hopefully, yellow na ako. :))))

Apr 10 -

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